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Full of new features and solutions with quality as always

Profitable products, focused on energy saving, environmental sustainability and durability and simplicity of installation and use.

Neolux Street Lights. High efficiency, low costs and minimal maintenance

Efficient and profitable Street Lights

Simply replacing your old lights by modern luminaries

No civil works, no extra costs, but with immediate savings in electricity bills. Better light quality, safer streets, more savings for you and your company or for your council.

Replacement Lamps

No works, no change of equipment, without costing more but spending less.

Our replacement lamps can be used with luminaires and lamps you already have, being an economic, sustainable and highly efficient way to lower your maintenance costs for replacement.

Hágase Distribuidor Neolux

Become a Microled Technology Distributor

A good product, easy to sell and install, high profitability.

The Microled has a huge range of possibilities, from industrial projects to street lighting to private homes. And the solar lamps too, the new lighting revolution.

Farolas Solares sin mantenimiento ni aporte de corriente eléctrica

Solar Street Lights

Savings? This is saving: free public lighting and maintenance.

Thousands of hours of daylight in public areas completely free of cost to the city, without works, no pipes, no hassle. It's Microled Plus!

Microled technology: low consumption and high performance

Our catalog includes Microled Plus technology, installed and tested by our engineers. We help to improve energy efficiency and costs of its customers.



Flexible, powerful, warm and organic, the lighting to highlight and emphasize microled environments with a sophisticated touch is the option with the highest growth of interior design.



Immediate savings and high durability with a powerful stream of light, higher than current incandescent lamps or flurescentes. White light, dense, highly secure and convenient.



Profitable and sustainable investment for urban applications; luminaires without extra supply of electricity, charging day to illuminate the night, thousands of hours of continuous use.

Clear and bright Microled Benefits

Can you imagine what the Microled technology could do for you? Watch this comparative savings over other technologies:

Traditional LED
Low Consumption
Mercury Vapor
Metal Halide

Our installations make the difference

The best way for you to know the power and reliability of the installed Neolux Microled technology, is precisely in action, and placed in urban, industrial or indoor environments. And remember that we are at your disposal to help you with your needs in lighting design and energy saving.

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All references that you can see on this website are also in our catalog in PDF format, which you can download for your convenience (12.8MB).

It is divided into 3 sections (Interior, Industrial and Solar) in addition to providing two PDFs: Works and installations by Neolux (7.9MB) and Company Presentation (2.2MB)



Neolux led lighting Catálogo Neolux 2014 Catálogo Neolux 2014

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