Manufacture and Assembly

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manufacture and assembly at NeoluxThe production department ensures that all the equipment goes in perfect conditions, from the microled welding, the incorporation of the correct type of aluminum and the adaptation of the driver to the required power, thus guaranteeing the durability of the diode (when it is a MICROLED , we also control its voltage and temperature).
It is also important to analyze whether the use of protective bubbles or lenses is necessary depending on the case.
Once assembled, it is tested and then packed, establishing a serial number / manufacture specific to that lot.


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R & D and engineering

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Research and developement an neoluxIn our engineering department we offer the realization of a customized lighting study to fit your needs, just fill out our form, we will suggest which is the appropriate type of lamp to illuminate your space, taking into account your lux needs and the adequate regulations.
We also offer to conduct a technical and economic study to check the actual savings achieved with our technology compared to traditional technologies.
We also offer to make the type of lamp which best fits your needs and approach, using new design,formats or adaptations.


Why buy in Neolux?

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Purchase at Neolux. Quality.Our maxim is for NEOLUX to become a quality guarantee.
We can offer a warranty of 3 or 5 years in our products in a truthful manner, as they are always tested by our technical team.
When developing a new product, we conduct all the required laboratory tests before placing our equipment on the market.
Once we have delivered the product, we always pay attention to our customers, in case of any incident arise in the operation, replace it immediately.



Neolux Labs

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Neolux LabsUpon the addition of a new product the following tests are performed.

  • Checking the material that makes up the team and their certificates, to ensure that components meet the requirements and do not contain hazardous materials.
  • Analysis of photometric data: checking photometry, color temperature, color rendering index, power factor, processing plugins for studies in different lighting management programs.
  • Control of aluminum for heat dissipation, temperature test to prevent overheating.
  • Keep track of the number of times it switches on and off. Durability
  • Analysis of the LED driver. Surge response capacity, IP control, durability, possibility of dimerization.

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Mission and Values

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Mission, values and vision at NeoluxMISSION: To design and develop high-quality lighting equipment to maximize our clients energy efficiency.

VISION: We will become an international company known for our production quality and customer service.

VALUES: Honesty, dedication, commitment, innovation, evolution, professionalism.


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