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Microled Solar Lighting by Neolux

From NEOLUX we are aware of use of natural sources and clean endless energies which are offered by nature, especially, solar energy.

Therefore, we have in our catalog some optimal and fully autonomous adaptations for outdoor solar lighting, both urban centers and rural areas, parks, industrial areas, etc…

These kinds of installations are designed in order to reach a high lighting performance but seeking a low and efficient consumption. Besides MI CROL ED PLU S technology used in our street lamps, this solar kit consists of high performance solar panels, deep cycle gel batteries, solar charge controller which protects the whole system in case of a possible failure and installed with the highest quality.
Batteries, charge controller and the necessary wiring are located in the base of the lamp post. Everything completely waterproof.

NEOLUX streetlights offer combinations of 1, 2 or 4 MI CROL ED PLU S 36VDC to equip them with the necessary power and its own driver supply 12/24 VDC.

We design easy assembly systems and we provide, schematically, all assembly and operation instructions. In addition, lamp posts have a panel support which allows an easily adaptable orientation, in order to reach the highest performance when it is time to capture solar radiation.

We are very concerned about our client needs in relation to adaptability and flexibility, therefore we offer a wide range of heights in our post lamps.

We count on the help of a technical team who will design these kinds of installations depending on geographical area, as well as sizing of the components (solar panel power, number of batteries based on its capacity and hours of use, panels direction, etc…).

Microled Solar Lighting by Neolux


Legal Advice & Privacity Police

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En cumplimiento de lo dispuesto en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de Diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, NEOLUX, INNOVACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, S.L. comunica que:

  1. Con relación a los datos personales que se puedan aportar a través de las funcionalidades del citado Sitio Web, le informamos que tales datos serán tratados única y exclusivamente para la correcta gestión de los servicios dispuestos a través de los mismos, por parte de NEOLUX, INNOVACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, S.L. Igualmente, NEOLUX, INNOVACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, S.L., podrá tratar los datos para realizar envíos publicitarios y de información comercial, por diferentes medios inclusive los electrónicos, acerca de la empresa, sus actividades, productos y servicios, así como documentación de diversa naturaleza y por diferentes medios de información comercial de la empresa.
  2. Para el envío de newsletters y comunicaciones análogas, NEOLUX, INNOVACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, S.L., utiliza tanto los datos obtenidos a través del Sitio Web, como otras bases de datos propias que tienen entre sus finalidades la de realización de tales envíos, siempre tomando en consideración los requerimientos de la citada Ley Orgánica.
  3. 3. Cuando los datos personales sean recabados a través del formulario, será necesario aportar, al menos, aquellos marcados con un asterisco, en otro caso NEOLUX, INNOVACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, S.L no podrá aceptar y gestionar el cumplimiento de relación establecida.
  4. Para ejercitar sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición sobre los datos, se deberá remitir escrito identificado con la referencia “Protección de Datos” a: NEOLUX, INNOVACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, S.L,  POLÍGONO DE POCOMACO, PARCELA D-22, LOCAL 45, 15.190 DE LA CORUÑA.
  5. En el momento que se aporten datos, se podrá manifestar el deseo de NO recibir comunicaciones comerciales electrónicas por parte de NEOLUX, INNOVACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, S.L. Si no se desea recibir comunicaciones comerciales electrónica, en el futuro, por parte de NEOLUX, INNOVACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, S.L se podrá manifestar tal deseo a través de la dirección de postal ya indicada. 

Neolux, innovación y desarrollo, S.L.
Polígono de Pocomaco, Parcela D-22, Local 45.
15190 - A Coruña
Telf. 981 910 190
Fax 981 910 101

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Who are We

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The Neolux idea came about in 2009 with the development of LED technology in new electronic devices or integrated chips called silicon diodes MICROLED , HP LED O LED COB.
This is an important leap towards the replacement of traditional Sodium Vapour and Mercury technologies and traditional led in new lighting equipment, that has arisen as a result of the study of the needs that our clients have been bringing up.
We are therefore, a company with the clear mission of researching and adapting to the demands of our customers.
Therefore, the equipment we manufacture, are the result of constant studies provided by our distributors.


Who we are at Neolux, the microled companyWe consider it vital for our business to constantly study new products always focusing on quality, durability and increased energy efficiency, so we decided to incorporate our own engineering department and acquire our own laboratory for the study of the equipment and the development of accurate photometric studies.
Our R & D Departament is continuously developing new systems and equipment , which are improving their quality and lumen savings day by day, thanks to our constant studies on the implementation of MINER MICROLED O MICROLED diodes (led smd) in shells and diffusers and to the use of high quality electronic equipment (LED driver).


  • Awareness of social ENVIRONMENT concerns .
  • Searching for new forms of energy saving and efficiency.
  • Using environmentally friendly materials
  • Using renewable energy
  • Continuous Improvement

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