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Projector PS PLUS 2 Model

neolux microled iluminacion industrial Psplus2neolux-microled-iluminacion-industrial-psplus-leyenda

Small/medium PS PLUS projectors have particular characteristics which make them suitable for a large number of applications both outdoors and indoors.

Ref. PS PLUS-30/3.0 | Ref. PS PLUS-30/5.0
Ref. PS PLUS-40/3.0 | Ref. PS PLUS-40/5.0
Ref. PS PLUS-50/3.0 | Ref. PS PLUS-50/5.0
Ref. PS PLUS-60/3.0 | Ref. PS PLUS-60/5.0

Homologación CE RoHS Microled de Novalux



neolux microled iluminacion industrial Psplus2 caracteristicas

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Neolux industrial led lighting

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