Replacement Equipment

Equipment to Replace tradicional lighting for led. Led adaption SDML

neolux microled iluminacion sustitucion adaptacion ledneolux microled iluminacion sustitucion adaptacion led leyenda

Equipment to replace traditional lighting for led or microled . Led system adaption or kit adaption for lighting.

It provides 75% electric power savings. Sheet can be made to measure.

With differents types of len.

Optical tight group.

neolux lentes led

Homologación CE RoHS Microled de Novalux

Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-10/3.0 | Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-10/5.0
Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-20/3.0 | Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-20/5.0 
Ref. SDML-(1,2,3)40/3.0 | Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-40/5.0
Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-60/3.0 | Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-60/5.0
Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-80/3.0 | Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-80/5.0
Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-100/3.0 | Ref. SDML(1,2,3)-100/5.0



neolux microled iluminacion sustitucion adaptacion sdml led caracteristicas


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