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Category: Microled Created on 27 March 2014

neolux-microled-tecnologia-ledThe (Light-Emitting Diode) or LED diode LED is a semiconductor device that emits light in the visible spectrum when a voltage is applied between its ends : anode and cathode.

A diode is a device that allows the passage of current in one direction . The diode and its associated electrical circuitry are encapsulated in a plastic housing , epoxy resin or ceramics according to different technologies. This is encapsulated in some sort of cover over the device and inside may contain one or more LEDS.

A semiconductor is a substance whose electrical conductivity can be altered by changes in temperature, application fields , impurity concentration ... etc. . The most common semiconductor material is silicon, which is predominantly used for electronic applications. For opto- electronic applications ( those in which light is generated ) other semiconductor materials such as InGaP (which emits yellow light and red ) or InGaN ( emitting in the area near the UV , green and blue light) should be used. For this reason , the semiconductor material used in manufacturing the chip is responsible for the color of the light being emitted.


It is a LED high power efficiency with GREAT light output of 100-120 lm / W. Opening angles of such LEDs reach 140 ° but can easily be modified with the use of specific lenses for each case.

It is a robust typology that supports very well the possible fluctuations of the electric current and the shocks or jolts. Generates a strong and uniform light output with high color rendering (CRI ) , between 70 and 100 Ra


It is a type of LED that is mounted directly on the surface of the printed circuit boards . Its light output is about 60-70 lm / W and has a luminous flux straight and strong .

The main advantage of this type of LED is its "flexibility" and free distribution of chips, thereby luminaires illuminations are achieved up to 360 º. Commonly used in LED flexible strips and other types of lamps and tubes and screens office .

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